Beaches and Parks in San Francisco

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When you're in a city with weather as great as San Francisco, you'll naturally want to make the most of it. And doing so means getting outside as much as possible. Of course, not everywhere in the city is perfect for sunbathing, but if you're dreaming about lying in a beautiful park on a blanket or relaxing on the beach stretched out on a beach chair, you're in luck: this west coast city is packed with perfect places to go and enjoy the sun.

One of the most famous parks in the city is, of course, Golden Gate Park. This beautiful open space is considered one of San Francisco's greatest treasures and welcomes over thirteen million people every year through its gates. This verdant public space used to be no more than an expanse of sand dunes, but a visionary engineer changed the landscape to the awe-inspiring park it is today. You'll find worlds of plants and flowers all around Golden Gate Park, as well as an abundance of natural wildlife like birds, small mammals, ducks, geese and insect life.

If birds and other wildlife are your forte, you may be interested to discover that San Francisco's parks are actually a hub for a whole range of weird and wonderful wildlife, to tall and elegant herons to coyotes, foxes, lizards and salamanders. Some of the best places to head to include Bayview Hill, India Basin, Lake Merced, Glen Canyon Park and Twin Peaks.

As for the beach, San Francisco's beaches may not be ideal for catching the most of the sun's heat - wind can change the temperature a fair degree - but on beautiful days there's nowhere better to go. You can enjoy relaxing on the sand and taking in stunning views or even hike around some of the rockier beaches, enjoying the view of the ocean and the photo opportunities that abound. From some points, you can spot various wildlife and snap photos of unique and interesting scenery. Be sure to take an extra layer, though - San Francisco's beaches are not as hot as you might expect, but they're still well worth visiting.

After a day of adventure and exploration, you'll undoubtedly be exhausted. And even if you spent the majority of the day relaxing in beautiful parks or at the beach, the chances are you'll be happy to sink into bed at your hotels in San Francisco. Just be sure to get enough rest for all of the new exploring you're going to be doing tomorrow!

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Beaches and Parks in San Francisco

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This article was published on 2010/10/13